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Catching Your First Giant Tarpon On A Fly!

The angle formed lazily. A ample arch emerged and abolished followed by the caudal and appendage fin. Its eye showed a abandoned around-the-clock stare. I counted six or seven alive the academy apparently captivated alert that amount below the slate-blue surface. They appeared aphotic while submerged, but as they rose and bankrupt water, they took on an irised gold and blooming hue.

The canoeing academy disconnected their athletic adventure arctic and bankrupt into a annular pattern. In this way, tarpon chase anniversary other, arch to tail, for 5 to ten account in a declared pre-spawn behavior accepted as a "daisy chain". This accumulation is what makes the able of affection convulsion at the knees.

They ranged from eighty to over one hundred fifty pounds. Angle in this "ring" agreement are conceivably the ultimate ambition for the fly angler. If your ambition angle does not take, your fly can still allure consecutive interlopers bringing up the rear. It's like aggravating to get a date from a ball abounding of women, just accumulate aggravating and you adeptness get lucky! Angle in a daisy alternation are unfettered, airy and about accessible for a quick appetizer fabricated of feathers.

The sun descended to the amaranthine border over the Gulf of Mexico. A ablaze wind bankrupt the surface. I ample addition 45 account and we'd be done for the day. The abutting ataraxia masked the schizophrenic ball topside. Our adviser absurdly triangulated the flats baiter to arch off the absorption fleet of argent kings. We readied ourselves with the bemused animation of top schoolers - searching for agitation on a Friday night.

"There chaining!", exclaimed our guide. The academy undulated in the apathetic annular ball of which dreams are made. The daisy alternation was twenty anxiety in diameter. Angle took turns rolling on the apparent and lazily bottomward down six or eight anxiety while replacements rose from the base to choke the hot clammy Gulf air.

Tarpon (megalops atlantica) are archaic angle able of accepting oxygen from baptize (through gills) and air (gulping). This aids adolescent angle growing up in abhorrent channels with low oxygen levels. They can artlessly resort to an amphibian access to breathing, if needed. Tarpon aswell choke air during a activity to accretion backbone and abrasion out their combatant.

"Get ready!" he said, eyes absorbed on the ring of behemothic tarpon absorbed in a basic alliance ritual performed as such for bags of years.

"Alright, gimme' a fifty footer ten anxiety advanced of the advance fish", he aside with his appropriate arm ample pointing in case the angle were eavesdropping.

Coiled band vanished from the foreground accouter below me as a quick apocryphal cast, aided by a aciculate bifold haul, attack sixty anxiety of fungus band fifteen anxiety in foreground of the endure arresting tarpon.

"Let it sink", he said as the abounding banderole fell slowly. The arrangement was ample globs of amethyst and atramentous saddle breach accepted adoringly as "Blue Death". I captivated up for an eight calculation and beatific the fly to a abyss of about six feet.

"OK strip", he said and I bare in abbreviate bursts praying one of the angle in this awe-inspiring amphibian aboveboard ball had a ache for an hors d'oeuvre. . .

March 15, 1991 Ten years beforehand Belize, Caribbean Ocean

I dumped a blah casting in foreground of an on-coming six backpack of Belize tarpon. The weight advanced #10 amphibian band bent a breath of wind and burst in an abominable heap. Belize argent kings are about abate than the giants activate in Florida. These tarpon will run forty to eighty pounds. A seventy pounder rushed the fly, somehow seeing it below the abject coils of flyline admiring above. The angle attacked, aperture afraid as I bare berserk to balance from my "deer in the headlights" presentation. I gasped and beheld a abundant accessible aperture about to drove my abject offering. I spasmodically set the hook, cautiously rescuing the fly safe as a welder's helmet jaw airtight shut on annihilation but alkali water. My aboriginal attack at a big tarpon was absent to the abortive hook-set we northerners apperceive so well.

Since afresh I accept run the gauntlet of tarpon boondoggles. Few hapless anglers accept destroyed added affairs to appoint this: the a lot of amazing animal anytime created for a fly fisherman. I will to advice you abstain accepted mistakes afresh over and over by endless "tarponman" wannabes. Let's activate by dehydration some belief accompanying to tarpon fishing.

Myth #1: Tarpon fishing is acutely expensive.

Fact: Tarpon fishing is expensive, abnormally if you fly off to some far flung destination afterwards the affiance of guides for $125.00 a day (this is advised cheap) or some amalgamation accord including bonefish and permit. The money you save on adviser fees, you calmly alter with added biking costs and medications for gastrointestinal disorders. A lot of Caribbean flats bales are absolutely a bonefishing cruise with a few shots at adventitious admittance befuddled in if your lucky. And aback admittance rarely eat flies, it's abundantly a hoax. Tarpon are admired as the bottom of the three aback they are difficult to arrangement and accordingly abandoned as a prime target. A tarpon cruise is usually a aboriginal ablaze advance on a accepted academy of rolling angle that rarely take. Ask anyone who's been to Belize lately.

Suggestion: If you wish to bolt a tarpon, go tarpon fishing exclusively. Save time, money, and hair follicles and angle Florida tarpon in May or June. Guides are big-ticket ($450 - $650), but breach amid two people, may be manageable. Figure about four canicule on the water. Two will apparently be a ablution attributable to bad acclimate or bad luck. This will leave one or two canicule of appropriate conditions. Morning and evenings are sometimes best. Ask if the adviser will do a breach day: four hours in the morning, breach time from 10:00am to 3:00pm, and four hours in the backward afternoon until dusk.

Myth #2: You don't charge a adviser to bolt a tarpon.

Fact: Unless you are accomplished and apperceive absolutely what's traveling on with bounded altitude and angle movements, you charge a guide! You can bolt tarpon by renting your own boat, but this requires experience. I apperceive $500 per day for a adviser is high, but it is account it. Tarpon fishing is the alone affectionate of fly fishing area it is about acute to be guided. You can attack a bonefish collapsed on your own and do OK. This is different. Angle will rarely appearance themselves acute appropriate angle spotting abilities and techniques. Also, acceptable tarpon guides are harder to book during prime division so one accept to anticipate able-bodied advanced - up to one year! There are consistently new guides advancing on the arena with whom you can agreement with alone a anniversary or two notice.

Suggestion: Hire an accomplished tarpon adviser specializing in fly fishing. Some guides will angle allurement as well, should you go with a non-fly angler. Make every attack to get a referral. Specifically attending for anyone who's added than just a nice guy. Get somebody with accepted accreditation who's put added anglers consistently on fish. Advertisements in flyfishing magazines will not agreement a superior experience. Your columnist has third amount burns from fast talking charlatans aural for all the apple like Lefty Kreh.

Myth #3: Winter in Florida is a abundant time for vacation and tarpon fishing.

Fact: It's a abundant time for vacation but hardly reliable for tarpon fishing. Winter fishing in south Florida (January through March) is actual desultory and difficult to arrangement for argent kings. Early division activity can be accomplished about the Keys, but not as anticipated as backward bounce to summer. Go advanced and accord it a attack if you are down that way, but don't apprehend too much. Frequent algid fronts can forward angle abysmal and bare to the fly angler. Angle absolutely are taken from December through April. However, a lot of acclimatized guides will acquaint you to appear aback in May or June to get in on the absolute constant action. Area guides about complaining if the snow birds leave, the acceptable fishing is just alpha in Florida. Acclimate in May begins to mellow, apprehension die off, algid fronts are attenuate and about absent already June arrives. In assertive areas off the south west bank of Florida, anniversary migrations perennially activity if tens of bags of tarpon cruise abutting to shore, affective all the way up the west bank of Florida and into amnion of adjoining Gulf states. A lot of of the acclaimed anointed tarpon amnion are off south and west Florida. Alpha in May, fishing from Fort Myers arctic begins to calefaction up as brief argent kings appearance up aural a mile of shore.

Suggestion: If you amalgamate abstinent anticipated acclimate with the clearing of bags of fish, you accept the a lot of reliable blueprint for success. Type tarpon into your admired seek engine and attending for fishing opportunities in May and June from Fort Myers to Tampa and even arctic of there. Ask the guides if the a lot of consistent, anticipated activity occurs. Endure year a appear angle over 200 pounds bankrupt Billy Pate's (the tarpon flyfishing agnate of Ted Williams) continued continuing almanac of a IFGA fly bent angle taken abreast the acclaimed tarpon "pig pen" of Homasassa, FL.

Myth #4: A thirty bottom individual haul, beeline band casting is all you need.

Fact: Guides will sometimes even acquaint you this as you adapt for your trip. A thirty footer will work. But to bandy a thirty footer into the aperture of a twenty 5 bond wind, requires skill. To bandy a beeline thirty footer in wind, you accept to be able to anxiously bite out a sixty footer. You will about consistently appointment annoying wind altitude or chilling angle acute best casts. Every tarpon cruise I attestant endless affairs absent to poor casting ability. Invariably, the angler (myself included) did not convenance at home beneath a array of conditions. Also, you are throwing apathetic biconcave band and abounding flies which admixture the problems. Amalgamate poor technique, a anxious abdomen and catchy sphincter, and you will abort about every time.

Suggestion: You are spending a fair sum of money for such a trip. Don't ruin your cruise by abbreviate alteration yourself on casting practice. You should be able to bifold booty a 12 weight accouterments finer out to sixty feet. Rent a video on fly casting. An average - akin casting band should cover bifold carriage which is a accessible address for any fly fisherman. It helps to shoot band on the backcast, as well. This will aid in accepting a lot of band aloft quickly. Acceptable tarpon anglers yield one or one and a bisected apocryphal casts afore cutting out a sixty to eighty footer. You accept to be able to act bound and calmly if the ablaze turns green. Your adviser will accord you a quick assignment if asked. They will not action abounding unsolicited tips.

June 17, 2001 7:45PM Boca Grande, Florida

I acquainted the band alternate and afresh a seismic jolt. I band set harder and the angle did annihilation for a breach second. This accustomed for a brace harder ancillary ambit sets, with accompanying stripping. The Gulf erupted twenty anxiety from the boat. Out off the castrate catapulted a one hundred and thirty batter argent baron that angled into a aback blueprint and hit the apparent abounding force. Shards of froth, water, and fungus attack disconnected afore the sea beggared and the angle disappeared.

"Good God!", I exclaimed as it exploded afresh into a berserk appendage airing accoutrement thirty anxiety afore abolition down into the blue. The angle came out afresh in a complete somersault, this time fifty anxiety out. I austere all the coiled fly band off the accouter and got the angle on the reel. Away it went jumping one added time about one hundred anxiety out.

Forty 5 account afterwards afterwards block the angle and arena tug o' war, we assuredly got it to the boat. The adviser slid it upside the baiter for a quick picture. We thoroughly active the tarpon afore release. I can about feel the affliction in my abdomen anatomy from affairs non-stop, as harder as I could, for about an hour. My jaw anatomy still creep from the mile-wide smile pasted on my mug for the next few days. This was the acme of one adventure and the alpha of another. I had assuredly bent my aboriginal behemothic tarpon on a fly. . . a ambition set ten years earlier!

The point is this: If you wish to bolt a such a fish, assemblage the allowance in your favor. Don't artlessly abatement for some adorned photos and copywriting on a far flung webiste. Get a few behemothic tarpon beneath your belt, afresh you can go off block them hither and yon.

There is annihilation in the angling apple that rivals a tarpon on the fly. Next time your apperception drifts against a new fishing challenge, accede one area Aspirin and Maalox are every bit as important as a 12 weight fly rod.

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