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Cold Kindness (Chapters 6,7,8; the Castle Tower)

6 [The Town-let/or *The Castle Belfry of the City] Dieburg was not ample by any means, but it was an absorbing town; it was alive, and not abounding American GI's lived in Dieburg, lest they get abominable by the locals who still remembered WWII absolutely clearly, and the bombing by the Americans the city-limits had to endure. Alfresco the city-limits banned were agriculture acreage for a baby heard of cows; and above that was an Army Nuclear Site, abysmal anchored aural a abounding area. Thus, the city-limits was absolutely called; "Munster by Dieburg," for Munster was the city-limits one had to go through--or adeptness go through--to get to the site; area Adam had been stationed above-mentioned to his aggressive discharge, and his demography over as the administrator of the PX in Babenhausen. Munster (or Little Munster, there was addition Munster in West Germany ((in the South)), alleged Big Munster); Dieburg was a few afar from Munster, as Munster was a few afar from the US Army Site. And Babenhausen was aback a amount of afar abaft Dieburg. Thus, to get to the Aggressive website from Babenhausen, you'd go to Dieburg, often, and afresh to Munster and afresh to the Site. Or one could bypass Dieburg, and go beeline from Babenhausen to Munster and assimilate the Site. But in this case hardly did Carmen go to either places, that is, the Aggressive Website abreast Munster or Munster itself; rather Babenhausen, or Dieburg, Darmstadt, some fifteen away.

Dieburg was an old city, with an old tower. An old abbey that still had ammo holes in its blubbery foreground board doors larboard over from the war, abysmal scars, like Carmen had, that did not seemed to achromatize with time.

As she anchored her car by her accommodation alternating ancillary of the road, she lit addition cigarette; she was acceptable a alternation smoker. In a habit-formed acknowledgment she looked up at the aboriginal adventure window to see if Ivan (the landlord, fifty-seven years old) and his wife Anna Marie (forty-five) were home, she didn't see him, or his wife's anemic moon face that looked like a affectation of a balled Hindu priest, with an undisturbed calm about it, as she seemed consistently to have. Her big bay window was empty, and the curtains covered it for the a lot of part, no movement, no one staring out, or about the curtains to see if she was advancing home, as generally one of them did. Perhaps their accompany Heinz, Gisela and Helmut, were over arena cards she conjured in her mind; that would be on the added ancillary of their apartment, not the bay window side, in the kitchen. Oddly enough, their kitchen was on the adverse ancillary of hers.

Her apperception now confused on air-conditioned lemonade as she absolved to the wrought-iron gates (with a acicular brick bank on anniversary ancillary of the gates), to the aperture of the duplex, and its few flowers that sat alfresco the ample house: perennials, minced with daisies. She afresh got into the hallway, absolved up the fourteen accomplish to the additional floor.

As she paced her kitchen attic searching alfresco her window, the esplanade looked so peaceful and picturesque. Spring was admirable in Dieburg, she thought, but not the accessible nights. She afresh caked herself some lemonade.

[Nightly Ineptness] Sometimes she just capital to abandon if she anticipation Adam or G√ľnter was bedlam at her. She was aggravating to angle on her own two feet, as a woman and individual, in animosity of her age. Whatever it was, she acquainted she had no adeptness to put herself to sleep, added than alcohol herself bashed to do so at times, which she'd do a few times a week; beating herself out with the bang of booze; it was her idea, do it quick, afore she could dream, or unwillingly access the apple of nightmares. But abundant too generally she acquainted abortive and not in control, if she could abstain night-sleep completely, all the better, she would accept done so. On the added hand, if she could get a acceptable night sleep, it would be God sent. On addition note, there was no abbey in Dieburg; she'd accept to go to Frankfurt area her mother went for her airy needs, one adeptness say, already a ages or so; or to Darmstadt, yet that didn't advice her sleeping dilemma.

She approved to beddy-bye in her accustomed rhythm, but it would change, she approved to eyes Adam blockage overnight, for he had done so a few times in the alpha of their relationship, but she afraid him off alive up screaming, and her affection pounding, as if she was active afterwards the three SS-Soldiers who took her ancestor from her in 1944, never to acknowledgment again; that was the endure time she had apparent him.

She admired Adam, he had a continued blubbery neck, how she remembered her ancestor as; and ample shoulders, attenuated hips, an absorbing case of a man she'd deliberate, if alone; a adolescent man of twenty-three; ceaseless by the apple yet, superimposed ideology.


Both of their natures were altered in a sense, what they lacked was what they did not appraise in abhorrence of award out, I would apprehend (Adam didn't apperceive his weaknesses, which would appear out in time; and Carmen, knew chastening it seemed, and thus, became abased on Adam for support, which he absolutely couldn't give; couldn't accord because of his own weaknesses). Somehow it seemed in the continued run--for they had been dating abutting to a year now--in the continued run, they could not accustomed how to plan out their differences--partly because of her catatonic action [s], and his delinquent acknowledgment [s]; and to echo myself, appraise them in abhorrence of accepting to put plan into it; let me explain: Carmen bare success in business to feel acceptable about herself, area few women enjoyed the claiming afterwards macho albatross (remembering this was aback in 1960) she bare it, and pushed the macho allotment out of her way to acquisition it, to get it. Adam, on the added hand, a acceptable searching man in abounding ways, with added of a abiding personality than Carmen, but could aswell be a abundant drinker, and a hot choleric man at times and was abundant added airy than Carmen, too abundant so in his business, to area it afflicted his administration of the store: that is to say, his bluffing about with the help, didn't advice his store's profits, he'd abduct from it if allegation be to accomplish it through the month, and fix the books to accomplish it all clarify out properly, all in the name of amusement. He had spent two years in the military, and took a European out [as it is called, if abrogation the aggressive and actual in country], thus, accepting a job as the administrator for the government abundance [as they say in the military: the PX], beneath a noncombatant status. But again, not abundant was accepting formed on the relationship, in the faculty of aggravating to bottle it and accord with the surfacing issues:

[Colorlessly] The canicule were gone--where their presence, would actualize a atom aural them...Carmen didn't apprehension Adam's captivation about affiliated hers; his accepting how to get out of the accord that seemed to be accepting progressively stronger, or worse; and aggravating to alpha addition activity for himself afterwards her; admitting chastening was aggravating to adhere assimilate him by all means.

When Frantisek Andre showed up one Saturday, he was out of his appointment to accommodated her like a bolt of lightening, as if he was watching out a window for her. She was acceptable his, if not chastening also, developing distraction; both absurd one another; that is, while her bedmate was in training, she grew to affection Adam added and more; or so it seemed, that it was starting to be.

Frantisek looked at Adam, he looked so afflicted she thought. "I anticipation it would be all appropriate to accomplish a little appointment down to your PX, and see you, accepting some aliment for 'show and tell,' you know, so no one picks up on ..." she stopped, for annihilation had absolutely happened yet, it was all in the makings. "You're acceptable for me dear," she said, something for him to anticipate about was her intentions.

I would think, and Adam knew, or at atomic he acquainted it, Carmen admired him, but afresh she didn't assume to adulation herself, I accept a self-esteem affair that was added apparent recently. And what agitated him a lot of was she seemed to, assuredly project, her abridgement of self-worth assimilate their relationship, or bigger put, assimilate him. True, self-esteem can be fabricated convalescent if we feel loved, which she was aggravating to cull from Adam, but it was harder for her to accept Adam admired her--I accept it afraid her. She could asphyxiate him at times, and that was addition annoyance with him: "Prove you adulation me," she'd say to him. As a result, it was harder for him to accommodated her needs.

But Adam admired her nonetheless--yet adulation is a claiming at times, and can be absolutely puzzling, and there were abounding crisis signals he seemed to admit in contempo time. He was seeing her as she absolutely was, not as he'd admired her to be (as aback in Garmisch), and that afresh was a drawback. She bare help, and those dreams brought on frenzied, if not atramentous attacks, a billow to his angle on his absent to accept an advancing accord with her (so, unintentionally, he put her on acquittal aural the vaults of his mind). And adulation was a decision, one he was not abiding he could absolutely make, beneath such conditions.

O, they acclimated to set abreast time for assertive things for them to do anniversary week, and now it was added at random; meaning, the aureate times were affectionate of over for them, and she was aggravating to sew them aback together. Could he about-face 'hate' around? ...was a anticipation that was traveling on in his apperception lately. Abhorrence accepting the added ancillary of love. He was in affliction over this relationship. He couldn't airing in her shoes; affinity was not in his heart, as abundant as it may accept been bare to be.

A Morning, But no Sun

The morning comes, but brings no sun;

The sky with storm is overrun;

And actuality I sit in my allowance alone,

And feel, as I apprehend the blizzard moan,

Like one who hath absent the endure and beat,

The angel aborigine from [my] breast!

--T B. Read


As she looked at the tower, its admirable blubbery rock structure, as if it was undefeatable, with its roof that looked like a hat, out of some Asian city, she was in its grips, it was algid her, algid her wits, her thinking, what cerebration she could accumulate in abode in her burst at times, and algid mind; consequently, she approved to advance it aside, abstain it, adumbrate from it by pacing the kitchen floor; but the apperception controls the body, and the physique knows that and weakens as the apperception overheats, as her apperception generally did. For a continued time, actual continued time she had an blank in her, possibly it was her activity that her ancestor abandoned her; oh, she knew he didn't leave her on purpose, '...but he could had taken off to London in 1943, taken off in time to abstain those SS-Men, and not waited until the SS came to get him in 1944, what was he cat-and-mouse for, to get angled so he didn't accept to be with us...,' were her thoughts

[The abounding thoughts of Carmen] Everyone blames Hitler, the Jew hater, the killer. They even drew pictures, cartoons of Jews advancing German girls (during the time of the war ((some fifteen years ago)), raping them to congenital abhorrence adjoin the Jew, but the Fuhrer wasn't there that day they took my ancestor (she told herself time afterwards time afterwards time). In 1944, the Americans and British troops were landing in France; he [he being: Hitler] was too active with that being to adjustment my father's death. ('No,' she assured a hundred times), Hitler was not the aboriginal nor the endure chat of the war or the absolute could could cause of my father's afterlife (indirectly, yes), abounding humans were with him, told him, pushed him to do evil, but he did not annihilate my father, affronted or not, it was those three soldiers. Father's afterlife was by the Nazi system; by the three Bavarian soldiers who took him to the afterlife affected at Chelmno (Carmen did not apperceive for abiding area her ancestor was taken but had overheard a abstruse man was taken that day from a library out of a big abode aural the city-limits of Augsburg, to Chelmno). They are the men in aphotic in my dreams, she had concluded. And so she told herself time and afresh all these things, wrote belletrist and fabricated addendum of her sorrows, her thinking; put them in a shoebox. She disconnected Hitler from the Nazi Party amid one from the other, aggravating not to get affronted at the could could cause or amusing unrest, but rather at the serological minds that chose to do the damage; she even watched the Nuremberg trials over and over to see if she could analyze any of the three soldiers who had taken her ancestor from her. But she never could analyze one. In her mind, they kidnapped him, with absurd will, '...they could accept anesthetized the house,' she chanted to herself. 'They could accept said, these SS-Men, if they capital to, they could accept said: No allegation to annihilate one old Jew today, let's do something bigger than clean out a Jew ok? Everybody at the trials in Nuremberg said: we were demography orders, which were a above allotment of their appeals, yet adage you're apologetic does not beggarly one abhorrent thing. It does not accompany aback the dead.'

It was I accept why she bare to be cocky sufficient, somewhat in allegation of herself; just something central of her, cogent her: no one should be accustomed to put you aback into such a predicament.

She looked at the bend of her bed, a table was there with a ablaze on it, and the Talmud sat abandoned in its arresting amber covering with its covering clasps. Her ancestor anticipation abundant of it, she hardly anytime apprehend it though, but it was a keepsake, and still it was her allowance from her mother, her ancestor took it wherever he'd go, if it was for added than a anniversary at a time that is. He was bookish at its contents, of the articulate law. He acclimated to acquaint her "It is the acumen of bags of years condensed." Afresh he'd add: "It is my daughter, the amassed of law, legend, and philosophy." Afresh he'd insert, "...use it for unrealistic problems in your life, they will come," adding, "Werden alle dich dosage ...!" (Become all you can). But she was alone four years old, and now it didn't assume to matter.

'It was in 1944,' she aside to herself, now searching at the belfry again, '1944, I was sitting in the library of father's study, it reminded me of a alarm belfry of sorts, he acclimated to toy with me about that, and if I looked out the window, I could see added towers, (it was in Augsburg, Germany), maybe they were steeples now that I anticipate about it; afresh mom and I were taken by abruptness if the SS-Men, Hitler's Germans came in, dad said, "Hide abaft the armchair and curtain," it was a continued curtain, and the armchair was in foreground of it, and we hid, but I could see from a able I fabricated in the bolt of the two curtains together, I could see them. And they pulled him away, pulled him abroad like a dog, affiliated to a bashed off the streets; all three men; one was an officer, the added two of bottom rank possibly. We afresh went to London to escape, mom and I. Dad consistently told mom to do that, should something akin this appear because they'd ache him until he talked, and he bare to apperceive we were safe, so he fabricated us both affiance to bound go to London, to leave aggregate except for the banknote we on hand, alternating with some hidden central a book on the bookstand in his library and some jewelry, alternating two paintings on the walls, baby paintings account a few Marks, or Franks, or dollars, should this actual affair happen.'

It was not simple accepting to London, and bribery was bare to actuate a German acquaintance to drive them to Paris, a painting that was in the library abiding him though, a Picasso, and in the aphotic of the night, Carmen's mother anesthetized as Hermann's wife, from there, she had begin a boarding abode in Paris, which had refugees from several countries, all assuming to be of German banal or at atomic not Jewish, and in abutment of the new regime. At the boarding abode the French supporters of the Germans, were not supports as they had pretended, and fabricated arrange for Carmen and her mother for access assimilate London. Again, she gave a painting she had hidden abroad in her attache for the accident of accepting them there, a painting of Goya's.

As she looked at her bed, she capital to accomplish adulation with Adam, to overlook her day-dreaming. It was Saturday evening, Sunday the restaurant was not open, so that was good. But the PX was open, and Adam had to work.

[Wake up] 'Carmen woke up,' a articulation said (too generally a distant...and addled articulation aural her, intruded--) it was the average of the night, out of her beddy-bye she angled over the bed, lo, the aforementioned daydream had appear and achromatic away, but not until she was in a panic. The daydream was like her shadow, she couldn't agitate it; she was disturbing with tears to affected it:

"I'm apologetic daddy, candidly I am," she cried. Afresh started thinking: how will it be in ten-years? She was still aptitude over the bed, the covering book by the ancillary of her face. "Everything in ten years will be the same: in twenty-years, in thirty-years." She befuddled her head, and afresh added to her self-talk, "I apperceive Adam's accommodation is melting away, and I adulation him so, so actual much." She angled advancement against the bedside window, there was the belfry again. It had backbone to it, backbone she needed: she aside to herself as if talking to the tower: 'One has to accept somebody daddy?' a statement-question possibly. She acquainted childish, and slipped aback beneath her covers to try and abatement aback to beddy-bye afresh (wearing a atramentous calico nightgown). She capital to be: free, free, chargeless of the crushing nightmares. She begin herself afloat off saying: "Frei, frei, frei, frei, frei..." (, free...) as if she was counting sheep. Afresh no eventually had she collapsed to sleep, the blast rang, it woke Carmen up from a asleep sleep, one she cherished, for there was no accompanying of a daydream then; those affectionate of sleeps she never had a anamnesis of, with a little affliction she formed out of bed and went into the kitchen to acknowledgment it, afresh it was already on its alternating ring; if she answered, the being had already afraid up, but the ablaze of the day was shinning through her window: no allegation to about-face on the ablaze she told herself. She sat down by the window, looked at the belfry again, the beck over in the esplanade and just anticipation of Adam, how it acclimated to be, and started to address two poems, balladry and baptize calmed her:

Off, on Off

We abhorrence afterlife [it]

Weeps at its breast...

For we cannot change--

What we abhorrence to lose


Hell's Hawks

Hawks absolute atramentous black,

I rode to hell and back;

All I saw was a mass

A accumulation of clay

People baked...


From ablaze flames--


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